With the development of technology, many innovations have emerged in transportation. We can define transportation as a transportation system that allows the movement of loads from one point to another quickly and safely.

One of the most preferred methods among the types of transportation has been road transport.

For those who want to get information about road transport, it can be summarized as the transportation of the loads to be transported from one point to another point via highways. It is frequently preferred in our country thanks to its fast transportation between short distances and its price policy. As Gold Star Logıstıcs, we can list the advantages of road transportation, which is highly preferred with its compliance with quality standards, as follows;

The privilege of flexibility and speed with door-to-door delivery

Wherever the customer is, we provide the possibility of transportation to any region where the road is available. With door-to-door delivery, we offer the privilege of flexibility and speed.

Safe transport policy

It is a safe transportation option because of the low probability of loss of the transported goods.

Fast services

Loading and unloading goods is not a laborious task. Depending on the size and quantity of the goods, they can be loaded/unloaded in a short time.

Your cargo is always safe

Thanks to the insurance made to the transported goods, it is not affected by situations such as deformation, loss and breakage that may happen to the goods. Thus, we create a bond of trust between us and the customer.

Flexible route options

With road freight transport it is possible to leave goods on more than one route.

Flexible weight options

It has a very flexible product range with the ability to carry heavy loads. Products can be transported on a kg basis and tons of products can be easily transported.

Documents Required in Road Transport

As with all types of transport, certain documents must be available for road transport. The road transport documents required for the progress of road transport transport operations in the determined procedures can be listed as follows;


It is a document issued by transport brokers.


It is the document issued by the postal administration upon the shipment of goods by post.


It is the document that contains information such as the license plate number, company, full and empty weight of the truck performing the transportation process.


In order to obtain non-negotiable documents, it is necessary to be a member of FIATA first. The document that becomes valid with the receipt of the FIATA license after the membership process can be qualified as a shipper’s receipt. The original of this document is delivered to the exporter upon arrival at the destination.


The document, which is frequently encountered among the documents used in road transport, can be described as an International Road Logistics Agreement. It is the road bill of lading that must be regulated for road transport to countries that have signed the Convention Merchandise Rouiter. It states that the goods were transported in accordance with the terms of the agreement, it is also considered a legal evidence. Of the three original copies, the first is transported to the loading company, the second is transported with the goods, and the third is given to the shipper. Among the parties including our country; Germany, Greece, Italy, England, Russia, Belgium, Azerbaijan.

These documents must be present in order to carry out operations related to road transport.

Road Partial Transportation

Road partial transportation, which is among the types of road transportation and frequently used in the transportation sector, is a type of transportation that makes domestic and international shipments extremely easy.

Partial transportation is the process of transporting the orders of different customers on the same route with a single vehicle. In this case, the goods belonging to different customers are placed in the same container or wagon. The method, also known as piece goods transportation, usually uses trucks, trailers or vans.

For the cost calculation of partial road transport, the weight of the cargo as well as its volume are of great importance. The calculation of the partial load in cubic meters is made as «Width x Length x Height x Pieces». The tonnage of 1 cubic meter on the highway can be assessed as 333 kilograms. If partial shipments are to be made within the borders of Turkey, intercity partial transportation is included. If the transportation process is carried out from Turkey to various countries, it is considered as road partial export transportation, and if the shipments are made from foreign countries to Turkey, it is considered as road partial import transportation. Partial delivery is very advantageous in cases where the cargo to be transported is not enough to fill the car. As Gold Star Logıstıcs, we deliver cargo to multiple customers with a single vehicle and save both time and cost. In this way, customers have easy access to all the information about their cargo and avoid disruption of plans. At the same time, customers manage their own operational processes, reinforcing the foundations of a system based on trust.

We can also combine road partial transport with different modes of transport.

Thus, as Gold Star Logistics we make a difference in speed and cost. These options, which we leave to the customer with the consultancy of our expert staff working within our structure, provide a much more efficient transportation.

Multimodal Transportation

Another widely used method among road logistics types is the multimodal transport model. Thanks to this method, the goods to be transported are transported by one or several means of transportation. The container used during the transport process is not emptied, it is transferred directly from one vehicle to another. In this transportation model, many means of transport work in an integrated way. This system helps species such as road, sea, rail or airline to work in harmony. Thus, it is aimed to save both time and cost. At the same time, thanks to the untouched transportation of products, it increases both the level of cleanliness and safety. One of the benefits of this transport system is that equipment can be easily transported (such as the train being transported by ships, the tractor by truck).

Another of the advantages is the transportation of goods by more than one transport company. It is aimed to realize a safe transportation process for many reasons such as the formation of a competitive environment, increasing the supervision and price diversity. Streamlined loading and transportation makes the process easier to follow, offering a more fixed price advantage. It is also frequently preferred because it is less affected by various weather conditions. Thanks to the method frequently used by the world’s leading logistics companies, it offers both low cost and a fast and practical transportation opportunity. Due to the fact that no single method of transport is used, it emits up to 75% less CO2. Thanks to its carbon footprint, it creates an environmentally friendly transportation model.

Ro-Ro Transportation

There are also types that take the road transport system to completely different dimensions. Ro-Ro transportation, which is formed by the abbreviation of the words Roll on and Roll of in English, is a type of transportation that allows wheeled vehicles to be transported from one place to another by ship. First, small Ro-Ro vehicles that can be used over short distances appeared with the transportation of vehicles such as taxis. The method, which is very popular with its both practical and reliability, has been developed over the years by turning to Ro-Ro ships. This type of transport allows vehicles carrying out road transport to complete a certain part of their journey by sea. It is frequently preferred in overseas transportation with its low cost and safe transportation. At the same time, it prevents problems such as visa problems, waiting at border gates, and expiring of road transit documents. The loading and unloading of goods also takes a very short time. For those who are curious, the answer to the question of what is Ro-Ro transportation can be summarized in this way. The loads that can be transported by this method are examined in 3 categories as static, towable and self-propelling.

Static Charges

Boat, construction equipment, tow truck, container, tank,

Towable Loads

Trailer, yacht, mobile concrete batching plant,

Self-propelled loads

Vehicles such as cars, trucks, trucks, construction machines, mobile cranes are frequently preferred in Ro-Ro transportation.