Gold Star Logistics is a transportation company operating in the logistics sector and has a corporate structure. Since its establishment, it has been playing an important role in supply chain management processes by providing high quality services to its customers.

Gold Star Logistics fully understands the needs of its customers and provides various services to enable them to transport their products in the fastest and safest way. These services include many different areas such as transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance and stock management. These services offered by our company ensure that our customers’ products move smoothly along the supply chain.

Our company aims to be the leading company of the sector in domestic and international transportation with its experience and knowledge.

The main field of activity of the company is road transportation from Turkey to abroad and from abroad to Turkey.

It works especially for Türkiye, Russia and Azerbaijan countries. It also provides domestic shipping services.


Our customers are our benefactor. It is our indispensable goal to always be the best. Our most important capital is our human resources. Our aim is to catch up with the era by constantly improving. Honesty and business ethics are our most important principles.


Our vision is to gain superiority by creating differences in its subject and in the international market; As a leading company and brand, to provide the best service to our customers.

Our mission is to be a symbol of reliability, continuity and prestige for its country, customers and employees in the transportation sector.